Conference Audio (Ask 2012)

We weren’t able to record it all but here are some links to our Alaska Press Club Conference 2012 sessions! The conference took place April 19-21 at the University of Alaska Anchorage.

Howard Weaver speaks about his book “Write Free, Die Hard,” and is interviewed by Julia O’Malley
Former Anchorage Daily News and Alaska Advocate reporter and editor Howard Weaver talks about his experiences and takes questions from ADN Columnist and press club President Julia O’Malley at the UAA Bookstore.

Neal Conan’s session on live radio interviews
NPR’s Neal Conan, host of “Talk of the Nation,” talks about interviewing on live radio and the ins and outs of call-in shows. Conan has also been editor, producer and executive producer of “All Things Considered” and served as NPR’s foreign editor, managing editor and news director.

Interviewing for Produced Radio Reports with NPR’s Jason DeRose
NPR Western Bureau Chief Jason DeRose discusses interviewing for produced radio reports, plays examples and answers questions.

AP’s Ted Warren’s workshop on using iPhones as reporting tools, 4-21-12
Ted S. Warren, staff photographer and videographer with the Associated Press in Seattle, talks about getting the best photo and video quality out of your iPhone and Android system phones and how to get those images out quickly.

2012 Keynote Address by NPR’s Neal Conan
Neal Conan, host of NPR’s “Talk of the Nation” program, addresses this year’s conference theme, which is “Ask.” He talks about asking the right questions.

Latino and Hispanic Issues Panel
APRN’s Ellen Lockyer moderates a panel on Hispanic/Latino community issues with Eric Cordero of Alaska Legal Service Corp., formerly of the Alaska Immigration Justice Center; Fidencio Romero, entrepreneur, and Mexican consul Sr. Javier Abud and KSKA’s Dave Luera.

Simple Videos for Websites with AP’s Ted Warren
Shooting and editing simple videos that can be easily used on media websites. This session targeted reporters with limited background in video production. With Ted S. Warren, Associated Press.