Conference Audio (Story 2011)

The 2011 Alaska Press Club Conference took place March 31 to April 2 (2011 conference schedule). Thank you to all of our contest judges, mentors and volunteers. Please feel free to browse or upload photos to our Flickr pool. Get your conference gear at our CafePress store!

Conference Audio 2011
Some 2011 Conference audio is available for listening! This includes sessions with Kim Severson, Ted S. Warren, Sean Cole, Jason DeRose and more! All the podcasts are listed at the Alaska Press Club collection at the Internet Archive website.

Freelancing for NPR
How to write a pitch; an overview of NPR West, with NPR Western Editor Jason DeRose.

Practical features
Freelance radio producer Sean Cole, Marketplace, Weekend America and other outlets, discusses setting scenes and other approaches to better radio features.

A luta continua: The struggle continues
UAF Snedden Chair Cheryl Hatch will share a documentary project on Eritrean women soldiers, who helped liberate their country then struggled to liberated themselves. Hatch reported, photographed and filmed the project. She’ll show her work, discuss balancing writing and photography as well as finding funding.

Listening over lunch
Inspiring examples of great radio stories from Jason DeRose, Doug Mitchell and Sean Cole.

Better business reporting
Jason DeRose, NPR Western Bureau Chief, talks about understanding business plans, asking embarrassing money questions, using numbers in broadcast copy and other ways to add depth and detail to business coverage.

The story to Storify
Burt Herman, founder of Hacks/Hackers and Storify, talks about how it works, with examples of how it is being used. Storify is a way to tell stories using social media such as Tweets, photos and videos. You can re-order the elements and also add text to give context to your readers.

Anatomy of a New York Times feature
Award-winning New York Times writer and author Kim Severson talks about her approach to writing a feature story, from conception to reporting to writing.

Telling any story through food
From Bagdad to Barrow, how to tell stories through food, with veteran New York Times food writer and author Kim Severson. Great for food writers, food bloggers or traditional reporters who are simply interested in food.

Press freedoms and access issues What are your rights as a reporter? And what do you do when those rights are being limited? Experienced Alaska journalists talk about how to get access to public information and how they handle the roadblocks that are sometimes put in their way. With Jill Burke, Brian OâDonoghue, Rich Mauer and John McKay.

Reporters with cameras
Ted S. Warren, staff photographer and videographer with the Associated Press in Seattle, provides tips, tools and techniques for newspaper and radio reporters who are now also shooting photos with point-and-shoot or other compact cameras. Please bring your cameras with you to this session, as an informal camera clinic will be held immediately afterwards to address any specific questions or problems with technical settings or other issues.

Hosting and producing newscasts
Tips on writing, producing, editing and delivery with APRN’s Lori Townsend and Annie Feidt.

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