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It’s already a complicated election cycle and it’s only just begun. Whether you are a local print reporter covering municipal races or a statewide radio or TV reporter trying to cover just about everything, we want to help!

Political Reporting Cohort

Sessions begin Sept. 1, 2022

Tuition reimbursement available 


JPC A 490 (CRN 76209) Selected Topics in Journalism and Communications  (Online 8:30 – 9:30 a.m. Thursdays)

The Alaska Press Club in partnership with the UAA Journalism Department, is excited to offer and pay your tuition for an online political reporting class designed for working journalists. The once a week, 8:30 a.m. Zoom class, featuring state and national experts, won’t interfere with your work day but will give you an opportunity to ask questions, make connections and build your source network. Hosted by Prof. Elizabeth Arnold, classes range from the basics of vetting candidates and getting past the stump speech to preparing for elections with the dynamics of voting by mail and ranked-choice voting. We’ll also have a class dedicated to the constitutional convention. (The first class is Sept. 1 so register asap!)


Register for the course

The Political Reporting Cohort official course name for registration is “JPC A 490 Selected Topics in JPC (Journalism & Public Communications).” The course request number is CRN 76209.

You may need to enroll as a non-degree seeking student before enrolling in classes. Call Admissions at 907-786-1480 for support.

Other courses offered this coming semester include data visualization, media ethics, communications law and more.

More information on Journalism & Public Communications classes…


Apply for the tuition reimbursement

Alaska Press Club offers working journalism professionals with assistance with covering registration or tuition costs for professional development opportunities. This could include funds for college course tuition, conference registration, etc. Many thanks to the Atwood Foundation for supporting these efforts. Request reimbursement!


Get reimbursed and join the cohort sessions!

You’ll receive an email confirming your request. Once approved, you’ll submit your receipt from UAA. Alaska Press Club will mail a reimbursement check. Sessions hosted by Prof. Elizabeth Arnold begin on Sept. 1. Press Club will follow up with opportunities for you to provide feedback on the experience.


Email Rosey at alaskapressclubinfo at

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